On Sapelo

Spending some time on Sapelo might be the most special about the Georgia chapter of this trip. On our paddle from Skidaway Island to the ocean, through Vernon River we saw this gorgeous boat go by. Ryan and I commented on how classic it looked and how luxurious it must have been back in the day. A day later when we arrived on Sapelo, Ryan’s cousin picks us up and takes us to his beautiful home on the island, one of the few permanent residences. Drove around and saw the lighthouse, the Reynolds Mansion the university campus and the community. Later during the feast of a dinner he prepared for us, he grabbed a book and read us a few cool history facts about the island. I was later browsing through the book and to my surprise, there it is! The boat we had seen on the Vernon. JT confirmed it is still an active vessel so it must have been it.  



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