On Sapelo

Spending some time on Sapelo might be the most special about the Georgia chapter of this trip. On our paddle from Skidaway Island to the ocean, through Vernon River we saw this gorgeous boat go by. Ryan and I commented on how classic it looked and how luxurious it must have been back in the day. A day later when we arrived on Sapelo, Ryan’s cousin picks us up and takes us to his beautiful home on the island, one of the few permanent residences. Drove around and saw the lighthouse, the Reynolds Mansion the university campus and the community. Later during the feast of a dinner he prepared for us, he grabbed a book and read us a few cool history facts about the island. I was later browsing through the book and to my surprise, there it is! The boat we had seen on the Vernon. JT confirmed it is still an active vessel so it must have been it.  



Half way there… Almost!

We are leaving Wrightsville Beach today after 2 days off with amazing new friends. Stella, Amy and John have opened their house to us, cooked as delicious dinners and pancakes and we are sad to have to go. Chris and Eric at the Carolina Paddleboard Co helped us yesterday with some board repairs; Dennis, CPC’s neighbor, introduced us to his clothing brand and told us about Cape Fear and the history of the Frying Pan Light ship, the one we newyorkers are quite familiar with if you spend your sunsets by the water in Chelsea, beer in hand, seasoned fries on the table ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Also a very exciting day today because we’ll be adding a third paddler to this adventure on this next leg to Charleston. I met Ryan back in September during Surf Expo in Orlando. We talked for about 5 minutes about the trip, and stayed in touch over the last few months. He arrived in Wrightsville last night with his girlfriend, Morgan, and in a few minutes he’ll be a honorary SUPergirl for the next 12 days or so hehe

Our destination for today is Cape Fear. Twenty something miles on what promises to be a very summery day! We’ll camp on a beachy island tonight and in 2 days we should be in Myrtle. Hoping to make good progress and get to Charleston before Christmas. 

Our neglected blog

It’s day 43 today, we are in Rodanthe, NC and so much has happened since the last post. 

We have participated in the Surf to Sound Challenge in Wrightsville, NC, meaning we took a break from the trip, got a ride to the race and got dropped back to continue the trip; our tent has suffered an injury: a picnic table fell on it during a storm. We are OK; we have fought a cockroach and almost lost, we’ve had unexpected swimming situations; have slept in a camper, and on someone’s yard; we have had very long days, very short days, and above all, we have met amazing humans along the way. 

I promise I’ll take the time to go over some of our favorite anecdotes in the next few days. 

Stay tuned ๐Ÿ˜‰

Two weeks in!

Well, a little over 2 weeks now. We are waiting out the storm in Bethany, Delaware. Getting here has been incredible so far. We’ve had a little bit of everything along the way. We’ve finally got into the rhythm of traveling and now it’s hard to say if we feel like we just left yesterday or if it seems like we’ve been traveling for a long time. 

Since we left NY, we have met a lot of people and seen many new places. Didn’t take us long to find out that spreading the word about our causes is very easy when you start with: ‘We’re paddling along the east coast from New York to Florida’. Everyone we meet daily has not only been incredibly supportive in extending a helping hand, but they have done a great job spreading the word to friends and paddlers, and today we are a little over a third of the way towards our fundraising goal, which is just amazing! THANK YOU, ALL!!

Today we’ll work on telling you a bit about the daily adventures to date. Not paddling days have a tight schedule as well. We have neglected the blog enough! And we need to clean our gear, do laundry, restore some muscle tissue and plan for the next week. Something really e citing might take place ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ll keep you posted! 

More soon, I promise! 

Hugs to all! 


Getting ready!


Bare with us while we work on all the other logistics that this trip requires. We are currently mapping the route, contacting people along the coast, figuring out the re-supplying situation, ย bothering everyone we know with scientific questions about our water quality testing, bugging people in the retail world for sponsorships or pro-deals (gear is very expensive, unfortunately), funding, and getting the word out!

Thanks for visiting and, please stay tuned! We’ll be updating the website soon!
In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @atlanticsupergirls and if you’d like to collaborate go to our fundraising page and share the love ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eternally grateful!!

LouAnne and Jules